What our clients say

Erica has helped me with one room in my home so far and she has already changed my life! She enters with cheer, but provides guidance, clarity, creative ideas, and just good ol’ common sense. She knows how to transform a busy household into a clean, organized, functional space(s) bringing peace and peace of mind to any home.

Jessica D.


Simply put, Erica takes Chaos and brings order. Everyone has their strengths and organizing is one of Erica’s. She is focused, thorough and finds creative solutions for the disorder in your world. In addition, she is a joy to be around. Hire her! You won’t regret it.

Bonnie A-D.


Game-changing! I have had cleaning crews come in and help me before but I realize now that was a bandaid! What I needed was an organizing method personalized to my needs. What I needed was Erica! Erica took time to listen to me and learn what I wanted/needed my space to be. Her enthusiasm is contagious and the process I dreaded ended up being tons of fun! She is so encouraging and really made the space amazing. It is weird how much I enjoy walking into my closet and knowing exactly where everything goes. It is so calming! I can’t wait for her to tackle the closet in my bedroom. Don’t wait! Erica is amazing!



I’d like to take credit for the discovery of Erica’s natural bent toward organization. She began organizing for my wife and I in the late 90’s while she lived in our home. Whether it was closets, pantry, garage or even my car, she had a knack for finding a place for everything. It made life with our three young sons and being an on-call Doctor starting my practice more manageable. Erica no longer lives by me, but when it is time to reorganize, we will fly her in from Colorado. She’s professional, has honed her skills and is one of the easiest people you will ever work with.

Clayton DeJong, MD


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